Cross-Stitch Minis: Valentine Hearts

It's been a minute . . . actually, it's been more than seven months . . . since I shared some of my mini cross-stitch motifs. In my blogging life, as in the rest of my life, I find that the worst thing I can do is to say "this is how I'm going to do (fill in the blank) from now on." So when I announced last summer that I intended to make my "cross-stitch minis" a regular blog feature, I was doomed to fail. I had the best of intentions, but then I got busy with other projects--which is a good thing--and the blog got put on the back burner.

Good news! Now that I'm filled with the fresh-start spirit that the new year brings, I am sharing a new cross-stitch minis collection--hearts and arrows, just in time for Valentine's Day. I decided not to create a color key for this set because they can really be made with any colors of floss you have on hand. I created the charts with shades of red, pink, and purple, but please use your favorite romantic pale…

Cross-Stitch Minis: By the Sea

Floss & Fleece: Cross-Stitch Minis: By the Sea chart

Floss & Fleece: Embroidery floss key for Mini Cross-Stitch Motifs

Last month on the blog, I shared some mini cross-stitch motifs for spring. You all seemed to like them so much, I decided to the same with some summer designs. In anticipation of beach season (which, in my opinion, can't come soon enough), here are a crab, lobster, sun, seashell, starfish, sand dollar, and school of red fish for your cross-stitching pleasure. I included a key for the floss colors I used, but you can experiment with any colors you like. The motifs are teeny-tiny, so you can stitch each one up in minutes and make all sorts of summer accessories and decor.

To jump-start your creativity, here's a peek at two of the projects I used these mini motifs in . . .

Floss & Fleece: cross-stitched lobster ornament

The lobster became a beachy ornament with help from some scraps of red felt and a bit of gingham ribbon.

Floss & Fleece: cross-stitched sun watch

I used the sun design to upcycle a broken watch into of fun summer bracelet. Who cares what time it is during the summer, right?

Of course, you can always stitch up the motifs as they're shown on the chart and frame them. Remember, the thread count of your fabric determines the size of the finished design: 11-count Aida creates a 4 1/2"-square design; 14-count creates a 3 1/2"-square design; 18-count creates a 2 3/4"-square. Happy stitching!