Crocheted Bookworm Bookmarks

Summertime has always been reading time for me. When I was young, I spent most of my long, hot afternoons curled up in a chair, in a tree, or on the porch with my Nancy Drew mysteries. I also read a lot of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Reader's Digest Condensed Books. I was a weird kid. Of course these were paper books, so if I didn't finish in one sitting (which I sometimes did), I would need a bookmark to guide me back to whatever perilous situation I had left plucky Nancy in.
Luckily my grandmother made crocheted "bookworms" in the 1970s. She kept a yellow one in her TV Guide at all times. I tried to make some of my own back then (weird kid, remember?), but I couldn't get the spirals to curl like my grandmother's. Well, I'm happy to tell you that my crochet skills have improved over the past few decades, and I've figured out how to make the bookworm bookmarks of my youth.  I'm not sure if my grandmother used pompoms on her bookworms, but I cou…

Cross-Stitch Minis: By the Sea

Floss & Fleece: Cross-Stitch Minis: By the Sea chart

Floss & Fleece: Embroidery floss key for Mini Cross-Stitch Motifs

Last month on the blog, I shared some mini cross-stitch motifs for spring. You all seemed to like them so much, I decided to the same with some summer designs. In anticipation of beach season (which, in my opinion, can't come soon enough), here are a crab, lobster, sun, seashell, starfish, sand dollar, and school of red fish for your cross-stitching pleasure. I included a key for the floss colors I used, but you can experiment with any colors you like. The motifs are teeny-tiny, so you can stitch each one up in minutes and make all sorts of summer accessories and decor.

To jump-start your creativity, here's a peek at two of the projects I used these mini motifs in . . .

Floss & Fleece: cross-stitched lobster ornament

The lobster became a beachy ornament with help from some scraps of red felt and a bit of gingham ribbon.

Floss & Fleece: cross-stitched sun watch

I used the sun design to upcycle a broken watch into of fun summer bracelet. Who cares what time it is during the summer, right?

Of course, you can always stitch up the motifs as they're shown on the chart and frame them. Remember, the thread count of your fabric determines the size of the finished design: 11-count Aida creates a 4 1/2"-square design; 14-count creates a 3 1/2"-square design; 18-count creates a 2 3/4"-square. Happy stitching!